Linen and silk by natash is born out of the love for beautiful fabrics and the wonderful properties these fabrics carry.

Natasha is Maltese and in the year 2000 moved back to Malta from London with her family. Living once again on this Mediterranean island with its warm climate and sun trenching days is what inspired her to work with these fabrics.

As long as she can remember starting up a fashion label is what she always desired to achieve and although a few years later, seeing this materialising is a great accomplishment. Having lived and travelled extensively my roots in fashion started long before she started her textile classes way back in school. Dressing up in fancy shoes and making her first made to measure clothes at the tender age of 14 years whilst living in Australia has led her to study fashion design and work in this industry.

She is very passionate about what she does and thrives in a creative environment. Natasha is married, has three children and lives in St Albans, England.